The History

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TIGER×HORSE DENIM was born in 2017 when Louis (the TIGER) joined forces with Frank (the HORSE). 
Louis – an Australian denim legend with 20+ years’ denim experience

& Frank – a new designer with a fresh perspective, partnered to reinvigorate the Australian independent denim scene and take their passion to the world.

At the heart of every single pair of shorts & jeans is a simple promise:


We know Denim – it’s everything we do, that’s why every fit is perfect.

We are hands-on, we create every design and sample and we obsessively perfect the fit and craftsmanship of every single style.

We love our work and we’re proud to say we’re becoming famous for our perfect fits and instantly recognisable shorts & jeans.

Louis grew up with denim flowing through his veins.

At an early age, Louis was enlisted to work in his parents’ Denim Manufacturing Factory in Melbourne Australia, learning and honing his skills in the art of denim design and craftmanship while dreaming of the day he could finally create his own label...
TIGER×HORSE was born Louis was finally able to apply his amazing skills to his own new brand.

Frank grew up drawing cars every day, his passion for design lead him to a very successful carrier in automotive design. Working within an

industry so obsessed with style and branding grew his skills and creativity. Frank adapted these skills to create an instantly recognisable and unique look for TIGER×HORSE.

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